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Judoo or Joodoo
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TF ftw :)
  • Added three new item graphics and one character portrait from the wonderful Nymic-TF.
  • Saving a contribution and clicking the "Submit new Content" button will now automatically load the last contribution you were working on (unless the cookie that stores this expires). Fixed a bug that kept longer submissions form being saved. (I still recommend saving text to notepad or something just in case a server error happens to not save it.)
  • You should now see in your attacking result message when your opponent is able to dodge your spell.
  • Added a new spell / item, Tubularly Titillating Top. This transforms the target into a new shirt-type item. Not region-specific yet.
  • You can't equip two of the exact same type of acessory anymore.
  • The largest possible discount you can get from items worn is now .9 action points. That means even with extremely-high level gear moving will always cost a minimum of .1 action points.
  • Character logging is implemented. That means I know when one IP address is creating multiple characters and swapping between them to move and attack together. To reiterate: multiple characters is fine for the alpha, but please do not have them work together. Stick to different places in town.
  • Last minute update: Implemented a cap of 2 animate characters per IP address. This might change in the future.

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minithnir Featured By Owner 2 days ago
thanks very much, i hope you keep up the good work.
Joodoo Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I don't actively develop it anymore (my focus is mainly on the multiplayer game) but I do support it.  If you want to write characters, you can download the game along with the Charactor Creator here:… Run the CharacterCreator.jar file and mess around with the character files it comes with to see how it works.
minithnir Featured By Owner 3 days ago
do you still support… and if so how would more characters be available or can our own be added like in Transformania time do we submit them to you?
KaiserDeathIV Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Joodoo Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Unfortunately I haven't done any sequences or renders at all since I've been, and still am, spending most of my creative efforts on Transformania Time.
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