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Just a bit earlier tonight I created an account on .  The site is normally used to distribute indie games, but there is also an option to sell books or other forms of digital media.

So what does this mean?

A long time ago, back in the days of TF-Media.Net, I was told a number of times that I should sell my Fifth Roommate books for a few dollars.  It was also proposed that I try and convert the stories into short, fully illustrated comics.  I didn't do this back then, of course, and the series has been distributed in a variety of places since then including here on DA and my old caption Blogspot site.  The existing chapters are and will forever remain freely available. has an option to sell "free" media, allowing users to pay what they want above some minimum amount, which can be set as low as $0.00.  But if you so desire, you can now buy any of the chapters for whatever price you wish to set, which more or less equates leaving me a thank you in the form of a small tip.

What about the future?

I want to explore the possibilities of running an online store like this for the sake of selling future short stories or as a means of distributing transformation games.  More money raised more possibilities to commission artwork to illustrate the stories, sort of a combination of a paycomic and short story similar to The Milkman written by Sara James and illustrated by blackshirtboy.

I currently only have Chapter 1 uploaded to, but in time I plan to upload the rest of the chapters either individually or together in one download will all nine chapters.
Mightaswellbeme Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017
I'd definitely be willing to throw a little your way. Your work is good enough and you push my transformational buttons well. I can't claim that I'm rolling in it at the moment, but you're definitely one of a handful of artists on here that I'd be willing to contribute to.
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